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The Waves Ahead Partnership connects business, community, voluntary and statutory sectors and acts as a key platform to allow people to collaborate together around big ideas and opportunities for the benefit of the local community. The Partnership also enables and encourages greater networking, communication and sharing between Partners.

Together, partners have produced a collective vision for future which is captured in the Waves Ahead Sustainable Community Strategy.

Waves Ahead Annual Conference 2016

This year’s conference theme was “Re-thinking Transport”
We all travel everyday. We travel to and around work, to school, to the supermarket and to leisure activities. Travel can be for a specific reason or just to explore and enjoy. But transporting ourselves around can be challenging at times in Adur and Worthing even by foot and bicycle, let alone by car or bus, but maybe it doesn’t have to be so challenging – click for a summary of the event and speaker presentations …

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Safer Communities Partnership

This is a statutory partnership reporting to the PCC, but many of the projects and initiatives it commissions in order to deliver its own partnership plan help to contribute to the Waves Ahead priorities around staying and feeling safe.

Adur and Worthing Business Partnership

This partnership brings together business,community and education providers, encourages learning, training and employment opportunities and promotes the economic regeneration of the area.

Health & Wellbeing Partnership

This partnership is concerned with local health and wellbeing needs across all ages. Its members work together on shared priorities. The partnership influences wider service provision for health and wellbeing in the area.

Better Place Partnership

This partnership focuses on developing communities and empowering them to make Adur and Worthing places that they can be proud of and fully enjoy.

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